Your Local Barbershop in the Port City of Szczecin

"The Same, yet completely different"
April 2018

Barbershops are currently experiencing a renaissance, but it is hard to resist the impression that many of them try to imitate the aesthetics of American barbershops of the '60, interspersed with the influences from pin-up, pop art and tattoo cultures, with an occasional head of a deer hanging from the centre of the wall. But does it always have to be this way? Maybe.

STREFA (en. ZONE) is a brand new local barbershop with a cosy atmosphere, located at the heart of a port city of Szczecin. Before you sit down for you treatment and experience the outstanding service, you may actually get a chance to have a drink or get absorbed in reading one of the magazines that happen to be laying around on a table.

Escape from the obvious.

I wanted to escape the popular ideas and stereotypes associated with a barbershop logo. When you search the internet, heads, skulls, barber polls, scissors and razors interspersed with the word "barbershop" written in different fonts are practically everywhere. Typically, it's all white and black. Some less, others more minimalistic, but the final impression is the same. As you probably have noticed, there is, however, a limit to how much you can afford to escape from certain stereotypes, especially if you're trying to make everyone happy.

The-clear-cut choice.

My goal was to create a connection referring to the badges of craft guilds and symbols associated with the nautical theme, characteristic of the port city. As the place is separated from the pavement with an 8m lawn, the logo itself had to be recognizable from a distance, without leaving a doubt that it's a barbershop (hence the scissors and a razor). The use of the official city colours (similar to that of the local football club), as well as the reference to the city's history, allowed to create an attention-grabbing and memorable emblem.

Profanity for some,
great move for others.

While the created logo could have been left in its simple form, the addition of colour gave it a truly unique character, standing out among hundreds of black and white contour logos.

Significantly, the logo alludes to colours that have been associated with Western Pomerania for hundreds of years, the griffin - the town's coat of arms, the local beer and the football team.  EDIT: as it turned out, both the local brewery and the football team decided to collaborate with the brand. Did the colour matter?

& Practical

If you decide on gadgets, it is best that they are simply practical. In the case of 'the Zone', the usual beer coaster loosely thrown on the coffee table and a few bookmarks tucked into the books filling the company's shelves seemed a no-brainer.

Needless to say.

A simple page. And in this case just a way of showing how the proposed aesthetic could be implemented. As for barbers, marketing and client contact is carried out through platforms such as booksy, facebook and instagram, there is little need for a website today. However, having one of your own makes you independent from these platforms and definitely influences the perception of your brand. So it's definitely something to consider ;-)

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