Rebranding the Iconic Andreae Filters

"Evolution instead of a revolution"
2015 - 2017

Andreae Team is a spray booth filter manufacturer that recently celebrated 50 years since the invention of its iconic accordion filter. Originating from the name of its inventor Erhard Andreae, the word ANDREAE became the synonym of the spray booth filter, just as "google" was the synonym of looking things up online. The main objective of the rebranding was to reflect the evolving, modern character of the brand while building on its well-established and recognized brand attributes including the ANDREAE company name as well as the famous accordion-shaped filter.


Three interconnected triangles arranged in an accordion-like manner represent the triangular pockets of the filter, and together with company name constitute a logo that has been the most recognizable symbol of the AF brand since its creation back in 1963. What you see is the updated version of the original logo that was the starting point for the entire rebranding.

Cohesion between the general filters logo and individual product logos was createdby adjusting the fill colour depending on product type / performance. Just as paint gradually fills the pocket of a filter, I decided to give the sigil a gradient fill, as if it was painted with a spray gun.|

P.S. You can google "andreae filters logo" to see the original. It should still be out there.

Product Box

Large (60 x 8 x 107 cm) product box with was quite challenging to design. The design of this box was quite challenging. The packaging had to have inscriptions in two languages and contain all the necessary information required by law. The packaging had to be cheap to produce (silk-screen printing) and have a designated place for hand-printed labels by employees.


Given the large number of product combinations sticking with 6 basic colours was the way to go. Each one of them corresponds to the relative power/efficacy of. I originally wanted them to be less saturated, to get a this "dirty" or "garage" feel often associated with spraybooths, but due to the prefferences of the target audience we decided to stick with the bold colours.

Data Sheets

Technical data sheets for 6 premium products of the same type. One of the objectives of the project, was to maintain the existing naming and product color scheme (to avoid confusion), to maintain a single-sided A4 format, and to present the full range of product performance data quantities and possible product variants.  As is the case with all branding, the layout refers to the triangular pocket of the accordion filter.


Sample Box
with customizable
product Flyer

I was tempted to design something fancier, namely, a standing box with 3d printed product caps and a semi transparent sides, howerver, as it's alwyas the case, being cost-effective was crucial. The final design was a simple cardboard box that was delivered flat and could be assembled by any sales rep or distributor. Inside, there were 6 product samples marked with transparent product stickers glued to the sides and secured with rubber bands.

Early Concept.

Can you guess what mountains, vulcanos and piramids have in common? That's correct! - The triangular shape. My original idea to introduce some character and diversity between the products was to connect the triangular shape of the filter with other triangular symbols that would additionally correspond to the performance of a particular product.

The Original Filter (yellow - first ever Andreae Filter, aka "the standard") - would be associated with the Pyramids

High Efficiency Filter with white polyester layer (blue colour) - with a Mountain, in this particular case the Matternhorn (the national mountain of Switzerland, where the company was founded)

High Productivity Filter (red) - a Volcano... and so on...

All in vain.

While we're on the subject of initial concepts, the one on the right is a proposal for a product page and several more pages of a product catalog in B5 format. This is a format that would allow for perfect product exposure, presentation of all necessary data and ideally emphasize the premium nature of this series of filters, setting the brand apart from the competition (A4 format).  Unfortunately and ultimately, the company's management decided to stay with the "practical" A4, which allowed for easy copying of the original pages ( and turned out to be grist for the mill for unfair competition).


Establishing the connection.

While neither the structure nor the name of the company changed in the rebranding process, the mother-brand logo already had to be updated, in a way that related to the updated filter logo. Given the long, and not very sound, name, this was a challenge. In the end, the answer that most appealed to the client was to combine the two product logos into one.

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