Functional Website for a Local Carepnter

"Inserting Style & function into A Siple Design"

As a carpenter with 30 years of experience and passion for the job, Olldrew creates furniture, doors, floors and windows for both individual and businesses customers. The company creates various wooden elements as per individual request, working together with development companies, yacht designers, public institutions or organizations. The website was enriched with wood gallery feature containing a variety of information about different types of wood, and its parameters as well as examples of woodwork with a give typeowood, all this in order to help customers make an informed purchasing decision and allow for submission of more specific inquiries.

Wooden Bords.

Eversince I started thinking abut this project a had a clear idea of what I'd like to achieve.


A simple solution that alows users to search anywhere on the website. Search by product, name, product id, collection or keyword. After inserting a couple of chars, you can take your pick from the dropdown list. If there's only one match you'll be redirected to the product page, otherwise the SRP is displayed and you can sort and filter your results there.

the Limits.

There's always a lot of dancing around when trying to make something stand out, yet still be elegant or in line with the rest of the design. The task becomes increasingly difficult the more elements you add.


Working on projects like this one - with  riduculous amounts of data that clients want to, or are legally obliged to include is always fun. You always need to find more and more and more space to fit in an element that you initially never thought of. I'm really happy however, with how the mobile design turned out. Had a working prototype of it, but unfortunately Invision Studio kinda screwed me and decided to discontinue the service. Needless to say I didnt realize that in time. Remember kids, make sure to always update your folios in a timely manner :P

This Out !

One of the key parts of any e-commerce project. The checkout. Unfortunately, screens come from different design stages but you get the idea. Cart preview working as overlay, acessible from the main nav. Easy checkout in 3 steps.

Accordion Filter
Graphic Design